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Is Your Child Ready for Play School

As a parent you might often feel concerned about your child’s intellectual development. Children learn everything at their own time. No two children have the same learning milestones and this is what shapes their personality and sets them apart from each other. However, times have become competitive.

There is clearly a major concern amongst parents regarding which play school should their children enroll in. clearly your choice would affect every other decision which you would make about their future educational development.

So how do you know that your child is ready for play school? Make sure to watch out for the following signs.

Signs your child is ready for play school

Most preschools start accepting children two years and older. However, this age is by no means a reason to get your child enrolled at preschool. All children develop at their own pace.

  • Most preschools require children to be potty trained by the time they are two and a half years of age.
  • Your child should also be fairly independent. Is he able to feed himself dry snacks without too much supervision
  • It’s also important that the child wouldn’t mind napping without you. Most preschools have an ordained nap time for kids. Children unable to nap without their parents might find it difficult to follow the simple rules.
  • Ensure the Townsville child care facilities is open for inspection and does provide references to ensure your child is ready to start.
  • Does your child suffer from separation anxiety? If your child hasn’t been away from you for long, making a transition to preschool can be pretty tough. Similarly children who have been cared for by a sitter often find themselves happier at preschools.
  • Though this shouldn’t deter you a great deal. There is always time to practice. Start by sending the children over to their grandparents a few hours at a time. You could even hire a sitter once in a while to allow your child to come to terms with their separation anxiety.
  • Sometimes the preschool allows parents to wait outside while their child adjusts. If they feel that your child is finding it difficult to adjust you could take them away after a while. They slowly keep increasing the time until your child is able to fare well on their own.
  • Does your child enjoys group activities? Preschools have a circle time where children sit and listen to stories. They also share their thoughts and ideas. This helps build their confidence. However, not all children respond well to group activities. You could start teaching your child by taking him or her on play dates or inviting other children their age so they are able to build a few communication skills before entering preschool.
  • Physical stamina is pretty important too. Some children need to nap more frequently than others. It would be helpful to see that your child follows a good sleeping and resting schedule before entering school.
  • Following a set schedule makes it easier for children to transition to preschool activities with ease.