Music Education

The Benefits of Music Education

Music education is a great way to enhance your child’s creativity. Not all children would turn into pop singers or country musicians, but some form of musical training is bound to have a good impact on their development as an individual.

So why should you make your child learn music?

The following are a few reasons why music can have many benefits for your child

  • Time and again research has proved that music can enhance not only creativity but also have a positive impact on a child’s intellectual and emotional intelligence.
  • Music just doesn’t involve learning to play an instrument or using one’s hands it involve a child’s other capacities as well. The simple need to tap into all human faculties just to create music enhances your child’s creative genius.
  • In fact music can help a child learn a great may things about their environment. It helps him or her to become more sensitive to their surroundings. This is a great way of developing your child’s social intelligence.
  • Consider music as an integrative and intellectually stimulating activity.
  • Music helps develop a child’s language abilities. Whether your child is singing a nursery rhyme or the latest pop version to hit the music charts, they are making use of different words. These words are all locked into your child’s memory only to be used when the need arises. Ever wondered why kindergarteners are taught nursery rhymes with music. The simple language and movement simulates their brain cells.
  • A child who grows in a musically rich environment is at an advantage from his peers. He is socially smarter, knows how to decipher the emotional climate of his or he surroundings. Plus the confidence which music builds inside a child is like no other.
  • The brain of a musician works different than that of a non-musician. Research has proved that children who learn music have better neurological development then those who haven’t been exposed to music.
  • Since musicians play an instrument, their brains have to work faster. A study conducted on school aged children who took music lessons for fifteen months showed amazing growth in brain cells, when compared to children who didn’t undergo any sort of musical training.
  • Music also enhances spatial intelligence. In other words music helps children understand mathematical concepts like geometry and algebra easily. It may not happen all of a sudden but is more of a gradual development. Over time these skill can manifest in disciplines like architecture and computer education. Imagine raising a child genius just because you gave them music education at an early age.
  • In fact test results clearly pointed that children learning music scored 22% better in English and 20% more in mathematics than children who didn’t learn any form of music.

With so many benefits which music has to offer why you should enroll your child for music lessons as well? Apart from intelligence it helps develop a child’s social skill. Helps them become more confident and popular amongst their peers.