10 pieces to start on the drums

Like many beginner drummers I wondered what songs I could play from the beginning, knowing only the basic “rock” rhythm.

I believed that with only a month of practice, I would have to work a lot of my theoryand continue, again and again, until I reached a level sufficient to start playing pieces in full. Well, I was wrong !

In fact we can play well known songs with a basic rhythm, and this from the second hour of practice! I do not claim to reach the level of pro drummers in just a few hours, but to play on a piece, keep pace, and have fun

So, over the course of time, I gathered a list of 10 well-known titles that I like and which are all based more or less on the basic rock rhythm.

But first, a little reminder of this basic rhythm:

Mark the eighths to the charley, beat 1 and 3 on the bass drum, beat 2 and 4 on the snare drum. Small subtlety: the second bass drum right after the 3rd beat (which can be left at the beginning). Once this groove goes well to the metronome (90-100 bpm), it’s good we can move to pieces!

The 10 songs that I advise to start the battery

When I say play the pieces, I specify, play “to his sauce” over the pieces. Do not make the same mistake as me to try from the second hour of practice to reproduce identically the game of the drummer of the song!

It may distract you from playing because you may be frustrated at not being able to play “exactly the same”, and you will not find any pleasure in it. While music is above all a good sound and pleasure above all !