So you have decided to gift her a beautiful lingerie set this Valentine’s? However, the mere idea of stepping into a lingerie store might be enough to get you all worked up. The number one issue most men face is feeing embarrassed when they are out to buy intimate things for their love. There is nothing to be worried about. The shopping assistants are always willing to help, you just need to know the correct size. The rest is pretty simple and easy. However, if you are buying online lingerie in Australia, make sure to keep the following things in mind.

Lingerie shopping is all about her

Keep in mind that you are buying sexy lingerie in Australia for her and not for yourself. This is the golden rule which all men need to follow when lingerie shopping. You need to buy her something which makes her feel sexy yet comfortable at the same time. Be thoughtful and you would both benefit from your purchase. You don’t want your gift to end up in the back of the drawer never to be used again. Lingerie should be sexy beautiful and comfy at the same time.

Make sure you have some idea before you start shopping

If you are shopping online, make sure you visit number of websites to get a basic idea of what’s in store. You must also be aware of your girl’s personal style and what she normally prefers. Don’t forget to bookmark items which you like. You can always go back and find the perfect lingerie for her from the ones you have saved.

Size matters

When shopping for lingerie it should be kept in mind that size matters. So when you get a chance, you can snoop into her darer and get an idea of the size which she wears. She would love you for finding the perfect sized lingerie. If you are confused when you see a number of different sizes, just make sure you note each of those down, the shopping assistant would definitely able to help you.

Make sure you have ample time

Lingerie shopping should be done at leisure. You shouldn’t just run into a shop and get the first thing you get your hands on. Pause and have a look around. While it’s common for men to feel embarrassed when shopping for intimates but there’s nothing to feel strange shopping for lingerie. It’s something which all girls love so a gift like this should be bought after some thought.

Shape, size and style are three things you should be looking for

Make sure you ask the assistant for help regarding the shape and style of the lingerie. If you know the size, make sure that the brand is true to size and choose a set which you think would appeal to her. You should be aware of how what she likes to wear in the bedroom. Is she modest or bold? It all comes down to choosing what her personal style is. Therefore pay attention to what you are buying.

Keep the above mentioned things in mind when shopping for lingerie.